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Wisconsin State-Level Veterans' Programs & Services
Eligibility Requirements


To qualify for most Wisconsin state veterans’ benefits, programs, or services, a veteran must first establish general eligibility for Wisconsin state veterans’ benefits. Eligibility criteria for Wisconsin state veterans’ benefits, programs, and services, including exceptions to minimum military service requirements, are set in state law (Wis. Stats. Ch. 45). General eligibility consists of two broad requirements:

    1. Military service (Character; Type; Duration), and
    2. Wisconsin state residency

Specific programs/benefits may have additional requirements; please check the specific program or benefit for any additional requirements.

For example, the Wisconsin GI Bill requires Wisconsin residency at the time of entry onto active duty military service or who have established and maintained status as a Wisconsin resident for at least 5 consecutive years immediately preceding the beginning of any semester or session. The Wisconsin Veterans & Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit requires Wisconsin residency at the time of entry onto active duty military service or to be considered a resident of Wisconsin for 5 consecutive years. The Property Tax Credit also requires a VA schedular 100% service-connected disability rating. For the Veteran Owned Business, Wisconsin GI Bill and the Wisconsin Veterans & Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit, the State of Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs acts as only the certifying officials for the programs and the programs are not found under Wis. Stats. Ch. 45.

Due to federal restrictions, there are special eligibility requirements for burial in a state veterans cemetery.

Veterans with “less than honorable” discharges may be eligible for WDVA benefits if they qualify for federal benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Spouses and dependents of deceased veterans who met the WDVA eligibility requirements also may be eligible for certain programs and services.

For additional information, you may contact WDVA directly or your County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO).

NOTICE:  The WDVA receives a statewide support lien docket listing all individuals who have a delinquent child-support obligation in Wisconsin. According to state law, the WDVA may not approve a tuition and fee reimbursement grant, or part-time study grant for any applicant on the docket unless the applicant provides one of the following items:

    • A statement signed by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families or its designee showing that the delinquent obligation has been paid and is now current.
    • A copy of a child-support repayment agreement that has been kept current for the six-month period before the date the WDVA receives the application.