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Veterans Trust Fund Tax Form Donation

How To Donate


Donate to the Veterans Trust Fund this tax season and show your support for those who served.

Tax time is upon us once again, and with it comes the opportunity to make monetary donations in support of our veterans through your tax return.

Did you know that the bulk of the funding for Wisconsin veterans programs, services, and benefits come from the Veterans Trust Fund (VTF)?

History of the Wisconsin Veterans Trust Fund

Honoring Those Who Served Poster image Wife and daughter await returning soldier with Welcome Home banner image

Did you know that the VTF provides these benefits and services?

  • Retraining grants for vets who have lost their jobs
  • Grants to veterans service organizations that provide federal VA Claims assistance and transportation to VA facilities
  • Military funeral honors
  • Eyeglasses, hearing aides, and dentures for vets who can’t afford them
  • Educational grants
  • Homeless veterans assistance
  • Operating expenses for state veterans cemeteries
  • The Wisconsin Veterans Museum
  • Temporary emergency relief grants
Marine views the names at Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C.
injured soldier in wheelchair photo

With the continued commitment of Wisconsin state government and your donation, the thanks of the grateful people of the state of Wisconsin can continue to be expressed.

Your support is important!

By donating, you will be directly helping veterans in YOUR community.

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How to Donate

Look for this VTF donation line of your Wisconsin tax form and just enter the amount you wish to donate.

Veterans Trust Fund line on Tax Form
Form Line
1 35d
1A 26d
1X 23d
WI-Z 13d
1NPR 61d

Just $1 from every Wisconsin household would raise over $3 million for the fund!

Let the veterans of Wisconsin know that you appreciate their sacrifice and they are not forgotten by donating this tax season.

If you miss the tax season but still wish to donate, send a check to:

The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Trust Fund Donation
201 W. Washington Ave., PO Box 7843
Madison, WI 53707-7843